Do you own land that may be suitable for wind energy development?

Galileo recognises that the economic outlook of farming and land management has become increasingly uncertain and difficult over recent years.

Hosting a wind energy development offers an excellent opportunity for landowners to diversify and receive a guaranteed regular and long-term source of income for decades.

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Turbines On Your Land

A wind turbine typically needs one acre of land, when considering:

  • Foundation;
  • Crane hardstanding;
  • Transformer;
  • Electrical cabling; and
  • Access roads (up to 10m wide including ditches)


The construction of a wind farm on your land should take about 18 months. Once construction is complete, normal farming practices and land use activities can continue. Any disturbed land will be restored post-construction.

Operation and Maintenance

Galileo will be responsible for maintenance and servicing over the development’s lifetime, and covering all costs.


Galileo strongly believes that community involvement is an integral part of any wind farm development.

Through active engagement, we aim to create open and positive relationships with local stakeholders that remain throughout the lifespan of the project.

Substantial and tangible benefits will be delivered through a community fund once the wind farm is operational, in addition to local organisations being invited to invest in the wind farm through a shared ownership initiative.

If successful, millions of pounds will be spent locally over the lifetime of the wind farm, creating and supporting existing jobs in areas such as construction, and hospitality.