What to expect hosting a wind energy project on your land…

Key benefits

Galileo recognises that the economic outlook of farming and land management has become increasingly uncertain and difficult over recent years. Hosting a wind energy development offers an excellent opportunity for landowners to diversify and receive a guaranteed regular and long-term source of income for many decades.

Galileo has the financial resources and professional expertise required to undertake the full project development.

We will fund 100% of the costs, with no additional expense or labour required from the landowner at any stage of the project.

Your participation will never cost you more than your time to meet with us.

Working together

We will involve you in the design process to ensure that development integrates with the existing land uses, and has minimal impact once the wind farm is up and running.

Our objective is to make this process as simple as possible and to be fair and open in our dealings with you. Each of our wind farms is managed by a project manager who will be your primary point of contact.


We will seek to enter into legal agreements to provide the rights to allow us to deliver a wind farm on your land. This will take the form of an Option Agreement, which would then allow us to enter a Lease for the wind farm. It will cover the situations when we require access to your land for environmental and technical studies whilst we are preparing a planning application.


Galileo strongly believes that community involvement is an integral part of any wind farm development.

Through active engagement, we aim to create open and positive relationships with local stakeholders that remain throughout the lifespan of the project.

Substantial and tangible benefits will be delivered through a community fund once the wind farm is operational, in addition to local organisations being invited to invest in the wind farm through a shared ownership initiative.

If successful, millions of pounds will be spent locally over the lifetime
of the wind farm, creating and supporting existing jobs in areas such as construction, and hospitality.

Public Opinion

Government studies consistently demonstrate that the popularity of onshore wind is growing, with over 70% of people across the country saying they support the deployment of onshore wind.

Turbines on Your Land

A wind turbine typically needs one acre of land, when considering:

  • Foundation
  • Crane hardstanding
  • Transformer
  • Electrical cabling; and

Access roads (up to 10m) wide including ditches). Additionally, there are ancillary works which would be shared across the Development, such as:

  • Site entrance
  • Wind monitoring mast
  • Control building and substation
  • Containerised energy storage facility
  • Temporary construction compound
  • Borrow pits for stone extraction; and
  • Habitat management area


The construction of a wind farm on your land should take up to 18 months, during which, access to the site will be required for construction and delivery vehicles.

Once turbine construction is complete, normal farming practices and land use activities can continue. We will ensure that any disturbed land will be restored post-construction.

If any felling of forestry is required as part of the works there will be suitable compensation.

Operation and Maintenance

Galileo will be responsible for maintenance and servicing over the development’s lifetime, and covering all costs.

We select turbines from the leading established suppliers, backed with full warranties, and in the unusual event of any mechanical issue we will seek to resolve this as quickly as possible.